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Nana’s taste

Do you know this surprising feeling when you read an article and you recognise a photo, certain of seeing it before, but you never knew who took it? This happened to me when I read an article about Nana Hagel on IGNANT three years ago in 2014 (this was an old blog post and it needed some updates..).

Nana Hagel is a food & travel journalist. She lives, she breathes, she travels, she eats, she discovers beautiful (hidden) places and does not forget to capture the pretty moments with a camera (or her smartphone camera) in order to share them with us online.

Before I stumbled across Nana’s Instagram feed, I wasn’t really into Instagram. Her photographs changed my mind about the Instagram Community and she was one of the first persons I started to follow.

Nana Hagel in Copenhagen, Photo by @Jessicajungbauer

Photos by Nana Hagel

Broken Liquid

When we were children, we were experts in creating worlds in our minds with a little help of our friend called Fantasy. Some people still have this talent to create extraordinary things.

Ben Young is one of them. He is a self-taught artist from New Zealand who now lives in Sydney, Australia. He creates glass sculptures for over 10 years now. Born and raised in New Zealand, the ocean plays a dominant role in his life and his art. Being a boat builder by trade and a keen surfer, he wants to capture the power of the sea and the perfection of a wave. Every sculpture is handmade. But I bet you would not believe each piece is hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted by Ben himself, layer on layer.

I love watching the two-dimensional shapes evolve into three-dimensional creations and the different way the light plays inside the glass. I love the liquid qualities the glass brings with it. It enables me to play with lighting and watch the glass react.

Below you can see photos of his handmade sculptures made of clear float glass, cast concrete and cast bronze . If you take a closer look at his work you can see the tiny details. When I look at all of them all together it seems to me there is a story connecting each sculpture with one another. If you want to collaborate with Ben Young or comission a glass sculpture, you can contact him through this address

All photos © Courtesy of Ben Young

Where Living Dreams Come True

I am a true lover of the colour White. It is minimal, clean, elegant and makes a room seem bigger. So it was no surprise that I fell in love with the photos of Amanda Watters, her sweet family and their house. I stumbled across @Mamawatters by chance. Below you can see a couple of photos proofing the family’s unbelievable good taste and Amanda’s talent of capturing moments. Enjoy.

Amanda and her family put a lot of work in renovating their house. I think they have a beautiful family, a beautiful house and a beautiful taste. I believe we can seek inspiration from her beautiful photos.

All photos in this article © Courtesy Of Amanda Watters

Crystals Hanging From The Ceiling

Truth be told, when I’m seeking inspiration for my flat, I take a look at the blog by Nana Hagel. She travels around the world, visits a lot of interesting places and never forgets to take a view stunning shots for her readers. Looking at the photos underneath this post, you see the beautiful interior of the Copenhagen based Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. If I would sit there, I could not take my eyes off the crystals hanging from the ceiling. I turn into a magpie. I wonder how they

Photos © courtesy of Nana Hagel
Photos © courtesy of Nana Hagel

The Medley Institute

The jewelry of The Medley Institute is so elegant and delicate that I fell in love with this brand from the first minute. The label was founded in 2010 in Berlin by Jana Patz. Twice a year, the Medley Institute presents new collections at the Paris fashion week.

the medley institute – edition VIII ss 2014 – photos © courtesy of

Florence, Our Queen Of Peace

How big how blue how beautiful.
What did you think when you heard of the new album title of Florence + the Machine? I thought Florence sings about big blue eyes. But when I saw them performing during their #HBHBHBtour in Berlin in December (it was magical – if you have the chance to see Florence live: Do it!), she told us how all skies and the Ceremonials tour itself inspired her to write this song. Seeing Florence + The Machine performing live was incredible. I wish I would have seen them before. I bought the deluxe album right after the release and I still enjoy listening to it. The songs are very emotional. Most of them are loud and fast (just like Florence when she’s running on stage), but there are also some quiet ones. My favorite quiet song is St. Jude (you can watch the video below), my favorite loud one doesn’t exist. I like them all too much, there is no chance to decide for only one song. I also have the feeling that Florence developed a style (in her songs and her looks), that has never been more original.






Photo © Courtesy of | Jana Malderle
Photo © Courtesy of | Jana Malderle