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I’ve got something to tell You

We’ve been waiting for four never-ending years until Haim the band finally published their sophomore album Something To Tell You this summer. Was it worth the wait?

Eleven tracks whisk us away into a world of smooth 70s rock, R&B and poppy-electronic 80s style that will probably remind you of a mix between Fleetwood Mac, Destiny’s Child and Michael Jackson. Yeah, that’s right.

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Florence, Our Queen Of Peace

How big how blue how beautiful.
What did you think when you heard of the new album title of Florence + the Machine? I thought Florence sings about big blue eyes. But when I saw them performing during their #HBHBHBtour in Berlin in December (it was magical – if you have the chance to see Florence live: Do it!), she told us how all skies and the Ceremonials tour itself inspired her to write this song. Seeing Florence + The Machine performing live was incredible. I wish I would have seen them before. I bought the deluxe album right after the release and I still enjoy listening to it. The songs are very emotional. Most of them are loud and fast (just like Florence when she’s running on stage), but there are also some quiet ones. My favorite quiet song is St. Jude (you can watch the video below), my favorite loud one doesn’t exist. I like them all too much, there is no chance to decide for only one song. I also have the feeling that Florence developed a style (in her songs and her looks), that has never been more original.






Photo © Courtesy of | Jana Malderle
Photo © Courtesy of | Jana Malderle