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Take a Look Behind the Scenes

Sometimes we learn unexpectedly. I learned how to use a camera during working in a photo production in Ecommerce. I had a camera in my hands several times before, but I did not really know how to use it. The automatic-mode was my partner-in-crime when I photographed objects in a minimalistic style and uploaded them on my Instagram account.

But yes, it all changed when I moved to Berlin and I am really thankful for the experiences I made so far. I was asked to photograph exhibition openings, behind the scenes during editorials & look shootings, as well as backstage during Berlin Fashion Week.

The following photos take you back to the day when I was capturing precious moments for the berlin based label Philomena Zanetti, together with the Designer Julia Leifert, Photographer Anny CK, Photographer Assistant Simon Schreiner, Stylists Christina van Zon & Cesco Spadaro, hair & make-up Stylist Katharina Handel, and Model Agnes Sokolowska. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Photos by Jana Malderle for Philomena Zanetti, Spring / Summer 2017

Nana’s taste

Do you know this surprising feeling when you read an article and you recognise a photo, certain of seeing it before, but you never knew who took it? This happened to me when I read an article about Nana Hagel on IGNANT three years ago in 2014 (this was an old blog post and it needed some updates..).

Nana Hagel is a food & travel journalist. She lives, she breathes, she travels, she eats, she discovers beautiful (hidden) places and does not forget to capture the pretty moments with a camera (or her smartphone camera) in order to share them with us online.

Before I stumbled across Nana’s Instagram feed, I wasn’t really into Instagram. Her photographs changed my mind about the Instagram Community and she was one of the first persons I started to follow.

Nana Hagel in Copenhagen, Photo by @Jessicajungbauer

Photos by Nana Hagel