Do you know this surprising feeling when you read an article and you recognise a photo you’ve seen before but you never knew the photographer of it? This happened to me when I read the article about Nana Hagel (journalist from Copenhagen) on IGNANT. The photo I am talking about is the first one in this blog post.

Nana Hagel is a food & travel journalist and the photographer of these beautiful photos I’ve shown you above. I must say I am not so into instagram. But after I saw her photos – I’m addicted. What surprises me even more is that she takes her instagram photos with an iPhone 6. The quality of the photos is really impressing. Take a look at Nana’s blog and instagram account and…have a great evening.

Photos: © Copyright of Nana Hagel

  1. I love when I find a photographer that makes me want to LIVE! Travel well, eat well, dress well, etc. Nana is brilliant, thank you for sharing! Btw, your blog is beautiful!

  2. Kelsie Reynolds

    How are those taken with an iPhone? Wow. I’m going to follow her on Instagram now.


    • Hey Kelsie, some photos in this post are from instagram, others are from her blog. But I’ve read on Ignant that she takes her instagram photos with an iPhone 6. ; )

      • Kelsie Reynolds

        Even her instagram photos are incredible. I love the look of them!!

        • Hi Kelsie! Thank you for the kind words! All of my photos on Instagram and my blog are taken with iPhone (and the most recent ones with iPhone 6). The key is to only shoot in good daylight 🙂 It’s definitely doable, and the camera in the 6 is really good!!

  3. Love the pictures. Does it sound weird if I say they look so satisfying to me? Not in a weird sense but the whites and colours look just so.. right. X

    • No it’s not weird at all… 🙂
      I think I maybe know what you mean…is it like: You would like to step into that photo and really be there, because the atmosphere is so inviting? I get that feeling while looking at those photos.

    • That is so sweet, thank you!!

  4. Katja Heinemann

    Ohhh I´m in love with those pictures *-* And I think i need this bike right now! 😉

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