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Oh, no! Our Beloved Glitter Is Harming Us!

It’s summer, it’s festival season and I can understand your feelings. You want to be outside in the sun, forgetting your worries and just have a good time with your friends, listening to awesome music, seeing your favorite bands and looking like a fabulous crazy version of yourself.

Of course, you can use as much glitter as you want – but please use the alternative bio glitter that doesn’t last in our environment for over 100 years. No, I am not joking, it really lasts that long. We don’t even last that long.

The regular petroleum-based glitter is aluminium-coated plastic and stays longer on this beautiful planet than a human being. I bet you don’t feel good about the thought of putting such bad ingredients like petroleum, aluminium, and plastic on your skin and you probably wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the glittery effect.

The normal, let’s call it bad glitter causes damage in our water ways, disrupts marine life, as well as other animals like birds and insects and ends up in our human food chain. On top of it all, you risk that your glitter is being sourced using child labour. If you haven’t known about it, it’s okay, don’t feel bad – I just happened to know about it too. But let’s make a change right now and stop using bad glitter during our festival trips and once and for all, ’cause harming the environment is generally pretty uncool…

Here are a couple of harmless bio organic alternatives that sparkle just as gorgeous…

Illustration © Jana Malderle

A big thank you to Mandy for her original Photograph © Courtesy of Mandy Barker

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