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Oh what a crazy day. I think I’ve never been in front of a computer, a tablet or my phone for such a long time (19 hours – not constantly). If you wonder why I was “forced” to stay in front of these devices, here is the answer: I wanted to get hold of a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag during their relaunch on 9th December. Oh yes I am talking about the bag, which is constantly sold-out. But I was quick enough and probably had big luck yesterday. I can tell you it was quite an experience. If you want to know how I made it, let me tell you the whole story…

It all started with the hint for a “restock in December” on the Mansur Gavriel website. Some days ago MG announced that the relaunch will be on 9th December. But what time exactly? A day can be long! People from all over the world waited for this relaunch and they were waiting in different time zones. I waited since 6am MEZ, cause I thought that there might be a chance for the shop to relaunch at midnight in New York. But nothing happened. I was equipped with my phone and a tablet, when I left the house for a longer time. And I saved the article-site of my favorite bag as starting page on Firefox.

Well MG likes to post news on Instagram, so I started following them there. Now it get’s interesting: Thanks to all the comments on their campaign-photos I could experience how people from all over the world handled this insane relaunch-situation of constant refreshing the browser.

People from australia (and others in their time-zone) really had to fight for these bags. One after another gave up, because it was in the middle of the night. Many people commented and asked for the exact relaunch-time, but MG could only answer with: “Unfortunately we do not have a specific time to release, but it will be later today, daytime EST / NYC time.” This statement led to much frustration. People got angry and frustrated cause they took a day off from work, or sold their tickets for a concert to get their hands on one, or two of those bags (the purchase for each person is limited to two bags).

It all started getting quite interesting when people made comments, which are too funny for words. Or they told us about their frustration. Here are some good examples…

“Well…3:30 am in Aus I just can’t stay up anymore. Hoping there will be a black backpack left when I wake! Big sigh…” @miriamyassa

“Let’s just hope your website won’t crash. I just feel bad for these girls (and some guys) who has been staying up all night refreshing the browser. Pregnant ladies who refused to give birth until they purchased the bags. Starving teenagers who turned down One Direction’s concerts to wait for the website to go live. Wait…WHERE AM I? And who are you people??” @hellonathan

“I will never laugh again about people camping in front of the apple store I SWEAR” @la_palmerie

“May the best women (or men) win!!! Happy Hunger Games.” @hellonathan

” “Thank you for your patience” = translation: “We are having our morning latte and watch you crazy folks go nut buckets.” @hellonathan

“They’ve built enough excitement already. GO for Pete’s sake. Everyone’s gonna get fired! Kids aren’t getting picked up!” @camprip

“First and last time, after this wheather or not I get my bag, I am unfollowing @mansurgavriel and not bothering with any ‘new’ releases.” @maketodayhappen

“The excitement is gone. There’s just rage now.” @acchoiii

“IMPORTANT announcement: You guys, each @mansurgavriel bag will come with a free therapy session. We are SO SORRY for the inconvenience (not really).” @hellonathan

“@hellonathan You are so right. “It’s easy for someone to pass by and say »it’s just a handbag« ” → This reminds me of a scene from the devil wears prada: “You think this is just a magazine, hmm? This is not just a magazine. This is a shining beacon of hope…” Oh yes…” @janatoldme


It was round about 8pm MEZ and 2pm in NYC when the shop relaunched. It took a view minutes to a view hours until the bags were sold out. I am not sure if there are any left right now. I am pretty sorry for the people who had problems with the checkout-system. Some credit cards weren’t accepted and even PayPal didn’t work out.

I hope Mansur Gavriel learned from the whole situation and is going to set a time for the new relaunch in March. Of course it is “a little bit” crazy to be so addicted to those bags. But come on, they are absolutely minimal-beautiful and rare and we are just human. I think everyone has something special on his / her wishlist (and saves money for it). Many people are angry about the fact, that the bags have been sold out in a couple of minutes. Why are you so angry? When it comes to other shopping-events it’s the same. Think of the H&M Designer Cooperations. Nobody says a word about the stock of the products there. I defend Mansur Gavriel and their “stock-problems”. They launched in 2012 and they still are a small company.

Lucky me, I could order a black bucket bag with ballerina interior and this will be my first expensive designer bag. The shipping costs were quite high, but they include tax and duty. I hope I’ll receive my bag before christmas.


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